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Consignment rental is a simple agreement between you and Summit Rentals LLC regarding the rental use and income generated by your equipment.

What are the advantages of consignment rental?

If you have purchased an expensive piece of equipment, and for whatever reason you are not keeping it as busy as you’d like to, or need to, consignment rental can be a great way to generate income at times when your equipment might otherwise be sitting unused.

How does consignment rental work?

Simple. If you have a piece of equipment that Summit Rentals LLC deems as desirable for rental purposes, that piece of equipment is added to Summit Rentals LLC’s regular rental will be advertised to Summit Rentals LLCs’ extensive client list, and made available for rental.

How much money will I make?

A basic consignment agreement calls for a 50-50% split of all NET revenue generated by your equipment. The rental splits can vary from item to item and applicable maintenance requirements.You can be sure that Summit Rentals LLC will strive to find the right deal that works for everybody!

Can I use my equipment for my own projects?

Of course! If the equipment is not already committed to a rental, it’s yours to use whenever you want. If your equipment is unavailable, we will try our best to substitute for a similar piece of equipment free of charge.

Who insures my equipment?

Your equipment is covered by our existing policy which provides coverage up to $1,000,000. Summit Rentals LLC’s insurance certificates are available upon request or at time of agreement. Our program was developed to provide a unique partnership between you, an equipment owner and us, a rental business. While we do own our own fleet, our business model is built on volume. When you consign your equipment with Summit Rentals LLC you have made a wise choice. You retain ownership of the equipment but turn it into a source of revenue. We market the equipment at no cost to you. We manage the booking process, the check out and check in process, we insure the equipment and we incur the cost of all maintenance and repairs. You have no financial responsibility or liability at all. You then receive monthly payments based on the rental of your equipment. We require an equipment inspection prior to any e monthly payments based on the rental of your equipment. We require an equipment inspection prior to any consignment, upon completion of a passing inspection we complete the agreements and begin marketing your equipment. This process can be completed in just a few hours if your equipment is in acceptable condition.